Sunday, February 22, 2009

HBX Report Builder vs. SiteCatalyst Excel Client

I've used HBX Report Builder for a few years and knew the quirks by heart and also its limitations when it came to exporting big chunks of data. I loved the tool because it allowed for cell matching and referencing. Although the tool was limited in most cases, but the design possibilities on a spreadsheet seemed limitless, as long as someone else could use and understand the work.

Fast forward to SiteCatalyst taking over and slowly developing their Excel client since they bought Visual Sciences. I can't say I dislike the tool, it's very graphical and helpful for new users, but it loses a lot of the ability to design worksheets aspect of HBX version. The main difference I can obviously see is that it exports more than the limited 200 rows HBX was able to do at once. I haven't gotten around to test regular expressions on it, and I'm unsure if it is supported.

Graphically, SiteCatalyst creates a more user-friendly tool to export the data but I prefer the old HBX version where I was able to run queries for search totals within a single cell and match cells with data points.


Jonathan Ziegel said...

SiteCatalyst Report Builder removes the limitation of 200 and is getting closer to the Report Builder we know and love. :)

Amateur said...

Yes! I have tried it but it hasn't gotten the cell referencing down to a science quite yet. The other issue is the menu options for the reports are in alphabetical order rather than order of categorization within the tool.